Child Custody and Domestic Violence Links



Click here for Child Custody Information  Tel 202-241-8000


Comission on Domestic Violence - Many helps and a hotline for victims.

Child Custody Discussion - Ask a question of a child custody consultant.  Large archives.

Child Custody Evaluation Help - Teaches you what to do and not do in custody evaluations to help you be successful.

Custody Evaluation Consultant - Ask a question of a custody evaluation consultant

Child Custody Attorney Network - Find an expert child custody attorney in  your local county or in another State.

Domestic Violence Legal Hotline - Provides information for victims.

Domestic Violence Forum - A safe place to discuss domestic violence issues.

Child Custody Help - A safe place to discuss custody issues.

Safety Net - DV resources.

Shattered Love Broken Lives - 60 Newspaper articles on DV.

Violence Against Women - How violence relates to child custody.

  Win Child Custody - Teaches you how to win or defend custody for your children.

Drug and Alcohol Testing - Home testing kits for drugs and alcohol.



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